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Welcome to Merry Chase!

We offer a holistic approach to boarding, care and training for horses in Northern Virginia that includes a tailored program for building strength and flexibility in the equine athlete, in harmony with mental and physical wellness.

Learn more about lead trainer Laura Luis below.

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About Laura Luis

I am a life-long equestrian with a unique perspective, background, and depth of expertise that enables me to help horses look and feel their best. I was a pinnacle athletic performer in dance well into my twenties, which has informed my special approach to fittening horses. I specialize in training up young horses for a choice of disciplines.


Horses at Merry Chase benefit from a flexible, tailored approach that includes physiologic training for dressage, gymnastics, aerobic/anaerobic fittening - along with trail riding, ground work, and in-hand training - all of which help build understanding and confidence while developing athletically. We are a professional, quiet, non-competitive barn.

This is something really different that I do here, and it's a passion and joy that I love to share with my equine friends and their owners. In complement, an array of some of the area's best trainers offer private lessons on site as well.


If you are interested in helping your horse look and feel it's best through a truly unique, empathic approach, we welcome you to schedule a visit to see if what we offer is right for you and your equine partner.


Please reach us via text (703) 868-6895, or our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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