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The Whole Horse

Training at Merry Chase

Full Training with Stall $2,000 per month (A La Carte available)


The Right Start

From starting young horses to athletic training to fitness rides for older four-legged friends, our focus is on building core strength, body balance, flexibility, and a positive experience. Additional information below.

Please contact us to learn more about

Boarding, Training & Hoof Care at Merry Chase

and to schedule a visit.

Strength, Flexibility, Wellness

We start with the core concepts of strength and flexibility in equal measure. This ensures a more capable ride and a foundation for success over the long term. Cross-training is key.


A holistic approach ensures body and mind are relaxed and ready to work. Through wellness of body and mind, the horse can progress athletically by channeling more energy to the task at hand, gaining the benefits of a positive fitness experience. 

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